Good Intentions

I just wanted to share some words from our collaborators Jonny - Yogeease and Rebekah - Wild Roots Nutrition about our upcoming Urban Day Retreat - Good Intentions on Saturday 18th January. We are all super excited to welcome our guests to this event.

Many people set intentions at this time of year only to see them fade or wither away for a myriad of reasons. To help, I’ve designed our yoga practice to enable us to clear any (energy) blockages that are preventing us maintaining our intent. Many of the postures (asanas) I’ll be using to achieve this are linked to our digestion, the stomach, spleen and large intestine so it’s all tied-in with nutrition.

So, our practice will focus on our self-definition, our personal power and taking responsibility & control. Using our intellect and mental powers to carry through our intent. It’s notable how many phrases link the two, for example “putting fire in our belly” to carry through an action; or using “gut feeling” to achieve clarity of judgements and make decisions. In fact fire is the element associated with this chakra.

Whether chakras are or aren’t your thing, on a more pragmatic level twisting and massaging our internal organs, turning them upside down via inversions and flushing blood through our system is not something that generally happens with our sedentary lifestyle. It has many benefits, including improved digestion and absorbing nutrients. We’ll be doing all this with associated breathing and meditation, I can’t wait.

Peace, Love + Understanding - Jonny

The New Year often marks the beginning of the diet and detox season.

Any of us who have tried a diet know that they are unsustainable and often leave us feeling miserable, which is such a shame as food is amazing and can transform our lives! Every time we eat we have the opportunity to improve both our physical and mental health.

Through an inspiring interactive session I will be stripping back and exploring universally agreed nutrition principles for optimal health. We will discuss how to apply simple sustainable habits into even the busiest lifestyle. We will explore the importance of planning and preparation, tuning in with our bodies and mindful eating.

Many people find themselves struggling with low energy on a daily basis. This workshop gives me the opportunity to explain how to improve and sustain your energy through simple dietary changes. This will provide you with a framework to return to again and again.

You will take away 5 key healthy habits to get you started with immediately. And by introducing these habits into your daily routine you will feel healthy, happy and energised for the year ahead.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Rebekah - Wild Roots Nutrition

I will be serving a 3 course lunch full of colour, flavour and energy sustaining produce. We will sit down together over a leisurely and relaxing lunch with Kombucha from Booch and Brew and Tea from Bohea Teas. There will be energising and nutrient dense treats too along with a goodie bag to take home with you.

I hope you can join us for this inspirational day.






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