Nourishing Intentions

The Complete Retreat winter roots for Yoga Supper Club Manchester
Winter roots all scrubbed up nicely

After the richness of the food during the Christmas period, the intoxicating celebrations of the New Year I find January is a time to reset myself. This requires some thought and planning so as to take the stress out of the ritual. To be honest some years are more successful than others but each year is getting easier as it’s become a habit. A good habit.

After some neglect of my physical self during the holiday season (cooking, travelling, partying, late nights socialising with friends and catching up with family all takes up a lot of time and energy!) I have slowly increased my yoga and pilates routine. This I do in part to keep my muscles warm and to lengthen my spine which holds me through the day. Also for me, the movement aids good digestion and gives me mind body harmony.

The Complete Retreat winter roots dressed for the oven for Yoga Supper Club Manchester
Winter roots dressed for the oven

I generally have a busy mind that is keen to play with new ideas, possibilities, challenges and muse on future plans and projects. To quieten my mind I use meditation and mindfulness which takes discipline, not something I have in abundance so I elicit help on a weekly basis. I don’t want to stifle my creativity but it won’t get me anywhere if I’m unable to move forward with anything because I’ve burnt myself out.

The daylight hours are shorter so I quite naturally go to bed earlier and rest more which for me is essential. What is also essential is nourishing and flavoursome food to feed my mind, body and soul. I’m wanting fresh vegetables, pulses and grains, along with detoxing juices, probiotic Kombucha, spices and warming aromatics. My body needs a rest from sugars and caffeine, certainly in the quantities I’ve had lately, it needs gentle foods that leave me feeling sated and light. This in turn gives me the energy to get me through the cold month of January with calm and ease.

The Complete Retreat Yoga Supper Club Manchester
Winter harissa roots with turmeric, spinach Camargue rice and spiced nuts







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