The Balance Within

By Belle from the Pilates Hub

I am so excited about hosting The Balance Within - Pilates Brunch Club on Saturday 23rd November at The Space at the Mill in Manchester. Here’s a little information I thought I’d share with you about myself and what Pilates means to me.

Pilates Hub founder Belle
Pilates Hub founder Belle

Pilates to me is something very special, I turned to it some 8 years ago after suffering with back pain and with regular practice it has allowed my body to heal. Pilates has also increased my whole body strength and improved my flexibility allowing my joints to move with control through a much greater range of movement.

Pilates allows me to connect my mind to my body, something which had been missing within previous exercise classes. I also love the way the exercises flow seamlessly from one to the next working your body in every possible plane of movement. In my own practice I am simply able to switch off from the outside world and move.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” - Joseph Pilates

So what to expect at our Pilates Brunch Club?

We will start the workshop by firstly addressing our alignment and taking some much needed deep breaths to help us relax and stretch out, before moving onto our mats checking in with how our bodies are feeling and for any areas of tension. We will then work through a flowing sequence of Pilates exercises designed for everyone and slowly build each exercise up until you feel challenged, energised and lifted.

Randeep practices Singing Bowls

Before we move onto our guided meditation with Randeep we will work through a short shoulder sequence with small balls to help release any tight areas where your Fascia is restricted, your shoulders will melt away from your ears and you will feel relaxed and ready for your guided meditation.

Meditation with singing bowls is simply one of the most relaxing ways to meditate, I’m not one who finds meditation easy and I have found that the beautiful sound of the bowls can really help with taking your mind off to a peaceful place where you are able to focus reconnect and just be.

The Pilates Brunch Club would not be complete without the brunch and Suzanne will be preparing us a nutritious and delicious seasonal brunch with Kombucha.

I am really looking forward to hosting this Pilates Brunch Club and can’t wait to meet you all.

Belle x

Autumn Goddess Bowls by The Complete Retreat
Autumn Goddess Bowls





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