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Updated: Sep 23, 2019

By Julia Evans founder of La Lune Yoga

Yin yoga, what's it all about?

Yin is a slow practice, a still practice of letting go and letting be.

Yin Yoga Lunch Club Manchester by The Complete Retreat and Julia Evans

Yin is by no means easy. Yin can bring up discomfort both in the body and inside ourselves. The challenge is to stay with what arises, knowing that it will pass and we can do it. This isn't to say that yin isn't enjoyable – on the contrary, yin can be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. It targets and activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest state). In this state we decrease the blood pressure, the heart rate and the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood stream.

Yin Yoga Lunch Club by The Complete Retreat with Julia Evans

The slow passive holds allow us to let go of muscular tension and tap into our connective tissue system. Fascia is one type of connective tissue and it is EVERYWHERE! It encases all the bones and the organs (minus the heart) and keeps us in our human shape.

Yin Yoga Lunch Club by The Complete Retreat with Julia Evans

It's only recently that medical research has started to understand how vital fascia is as a transmitter of information, a storage system and a support and protection system and how it has countless other functions. Yin yoga is one way that we can support our fascia.

Why do I practise Yin?

Yin helps me get back to me; to a place where I can let go of all the bullshit. To work with whatever my circumstances are at that time and to accept myself without judgement. Yin re-connects me to my body and makes me feel at home within myself.

Love from Julia x

La Lune Yoga
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