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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

The Complete Retreat Yoga Brunch Club Manchester
Yoga Brunch Club Manchester

Yoga has the benefits to increase your strength and energy levels; it also improves your blood circulation along with muscle tone.  Yoga has positive overall health benefits and aides with weight loss if practiced together with a healthy diet.

Practicing Yoga regularly will help you to develop better posture, balance and flexibility, this will leave you feeling lighter and more at ease in your body.  Yoga also helps with digestion by massaging the internal organs and improves your metabolism.  People are increasing being drawn to Yoga as it is beneficial for relieving stress and boosting focus and concentration.

About Yoga Types

Iyengar Yoga with Clare Tunstall

In November, Clare collaborated with The Complete Retreat at our Yoga Supper Club in Manchester.

Clare teaches Iyengar Yoga which has its focus on the precise physical alignment of the body.  Clare guides students step by step into the poses using props where necessary.  These poses are held for longer periods of time especially as students progress.  Iyengar Yoga is suitable for beginners as it provides a deep understanding of the basic poses.

Hatha Yoga with Avigial Niki Tragen

In October Avi collaborated with The Complete Retreat at our Yoga Brunch Club in Manchester.

Avi teachers a Mindful Hatha flow-based yoga which is particularly suitable for beginners and all levels of fitness. Hatha Yoga encompasses a series of postures which help to improve body alignment and calm the nervous system.  Hatha Yoga explores the connection between the breath, movement and meditation in a very accessible way.

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