Yoga Supper Club - International Womens Day

By Helena Conlan

On a Friday evening I was feeling very virtuous to be attending a yoga session followed by 3 course dinner - healthy it had to be, it was vegan - instead of the end of the week rather large goblet of wine,and the rest! To add to the virtuosity the event was a fund raiser in aid of The Pankhurst Trust the perfect compliment to International Woman’s Day.

International Womens Day Yoga Supper Club Manchester
Candle lit yoga space

What a fabulous evening it was. My friends and I received a warm welcome as we entered the venue, a candle lit church. Immediately we were transported into another world of serenity. Mats were laid out ready for folks to take their place and the lighting was such that you could fade into anonymity and enjoy the anticipation of the evening to come.

International Womens Day Yoga Supper Club Manchester
Yoga Flow

International Womens Day Yoga Supper Club table setting
Table Setting

The yoga was flowing rather than precise, structured to be accessible by all, some positions more easily achieved than others, thoroughly enjoyable and the time passed quickly. A very slick changeover from a yoga studio to a restaurant - tables covered with white linen beautifully laid out with flowers to suit, provided a welcome seat to eat some seriously good food alongside a glorious cocktail. There was a real vibe about the place. Lots of chat and laughter. The service was relaxed and friendly neither hurried nor laboured. As if that wasn’t enough we were introduced to our local historian Emma Fox who gave a 20 minute presentation linking influential women of Manchester from the 19th Century to present day. Revelling in the wonderment of their vision and steely determination to ensure that said became reality.

And a raffle with some great prizes to add to the funds raised, at which I won a bottle of sloe gin (combined with Prosecco - delicious if a little potent) was a perfect end to a rather lovely evening.

Thanks very much Suzanne.

Some of the amazing raffle donations. Thank you RMCeramics and Tina Kypriadis




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